Q. How often can I bring in clothing to consign?

A. A consigner can bring clothing in every 4 to 5 weeks for a total of 12 times per year.


Q. I just have a couple of items, can I drop them off when I’m in the neighborhood without an appointment?

A. No. We accept clothing by appointment only and have a limit of 15 items that can be accepted per appointment.


Q. I recently had a family member pass and I have bags of great items. Can I bring them all in and have you go through them?

A. Unfortunately, we are not able to do that. Please go through the items first and sort by season, age and the labels we take. Bring in your best, clean and wrinkle free, in season items. We will review as many as 20 items per appointment, however, we will only take up to 15. No exceptions.


Q. I am moving and have to get rid of all the clothing I can no longer use. I have items that are out of season and I won’t be here to consign them when they are in season. Can you just hold them for me until it’s time to consign them?

A. We are sorry that we cannot do that. Eco Chic Boutique does not have the space to store any items for a consignor.

Q. Will you give me a list of the items I have dropped off for consignment?

A. A list can be emailed to the consignor, PER REQUEST, once the items are processed. This could take up to a few days.


Q. If I have items that don’t sell, can I get them back?

A. Yes. After the 90 day consignment period, there is an immediate 2 week time frame in which a consignor can retrieve any unsold items. A 24 hour advance notice before pickup is required so that Eco Chic Boutique has time to pull and pack any unsold items for you.


Q. Do I have to wait until my consignment period is over before I can collect a check?

A. No. Once a consignor has earned $5 or more, a check can be collected.


Q. Do I have to wait until my consignment period is over before I can redeem in store credit?

A. You can use any balance in your account as in store credit at any time. You never have to wait.


Q. Is it possible to have a check mailed to me?

A. Yes. For a $1 service charge, a check can be mailed to a consignor, upon request, once the account reaches $5 or more.


Q. Do I have to collect my money by a certain time, and if I don’t, will I lose it?

A. Money earned by a consignor never expires. It is held in the consignor’s account until it is redeemed with no time limits.