About Eco Chic:

I'm in LOVE with Eco Chic Boutique!

That's what we want women to say when they leave our store.  With a focus on superior customer service and a boutique where owners are present, we are dedicated to providing our customers with an experience that will keep them coming back for more.

What makes us so different?  Our enthusiasm for affordable fashion coupled with a philosophy of promoting a culture of recycling.  The philosophy stems from the fact that we love to shop and often times are left with a closet full of treasures we will never wear again.  We encourage women to clean out their closets and put some cash in their pockets when they do.

Eco Chic offers new and nearly new clothing, jewelry and accessories for the ecology conscious and the economically savvy shopper.  Consignment shopping at it's finest!

At Eco Chic, we are excited about offering fun events for both entertainment and raising funds for local charities and organizations.  A boutique and so much more.  We put the fabulous and affordable back in fashion.

Contact us today: Ecochic.boutique@yahoo.com

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